Terms and Conditions



Both parties will agree that the terms and conditions laid out here form part of the contractual agreement “Ring a Bell” and the second party i.e the person(s) booking our services hereafter called the “client(s)”
Ring A Bell’s contact telephone number is: 07707 036334
Ring A Bell’s email address is: info@ringabellmedia.com


1.1 A non-refundable deposit of £100 is payable by the client via bank transfer with no extra charge, or PayPal with an additional £3.00 (due to PayPal’s 3% service charge). Until the deposit fee is received, the booking remains invalid and no date shall be reserved. The deposit fee shall be deducted from the total package cost.
1.2 The remaining balance must be received by Ring A Bell by at latest 21 days before the date of the event. The client has the
option to pay the remaining balance by instalments if preferred. The total balance must however be paid in full by 21
days before the event.


2.1 Prices listed are subject to change. This however will never affect a client’s booking made prior to any price change. The
agreed/advertised price as stated on our website at the time of booking will always be honoured upon request.
2.2 Our prices are displayed on the Price List page of this website, for any additional services or filming required beyond
the described packages or “add ons/extras” displayed, additional charges will apply. For additional services or filming/photography
beyond the described packages/add ons/extras, the client should request said extra service directly to Ring A Bell
in order to recieve information about any additional cost prior to making any booking or payment to us. This can be done by using
the Contact Us link at the top of each page of our website, or by email sent directly to: sean@localhost
2.3 Additional filming/photography requests and services are always available after the client’s booking has been made. This must be done by contacting
us via our Contact Us link at the top of each web page or by email to sean@localhost. All remaining balance payments inclusive of
“add ons “or any other additional services or filming requests must be paid in full 21 days before the booked event date.
2.4 At Ring A Bell we offer our services to all locations both in the UK and Outside of the UK. An additional round-trip distance charge of 50p per mile
will apply for UK locations above a 50 mile radius of B90 using Google maps. If unsure whether a distance fee will apply,
then prior to booking, clients should enquire about this. Alternatively, any additional distance
charge will be communicated to the client prior to when the outstanding balance is due, 21 days before the wedding date.
2.5 For bookings outside of the UK, clients must always request from us a fully-inclusive cost of our services, this should
be done prior to to making any deposit payment to us.


3.1 Any external online platform which advertises our services may have its own separate terms & conditions i.e fine print. By booking Ring A Bell’s services through said platform, the client(s) are agreeing to the terms laid out here as well as there.
3.2 Any orders or upgrades which require payment outside of the platform and therefore require payment directly to us, will automatically bind the client(s) to all terms & conditions laid out here.
3.3 In the event of a booked client discovering a lower-priced deal offering the same package and / or service, and the deal is active during the occurring time of their wedding date, the client is entitled to be granted or refunded the difference in price initially quoted to them.


4.1 The client may cancel their booking at any time by contacting us directly, however as per condition 1.1 all deposit
payments shall remain non-refundable. For cancellations made between the date of booking up to 21 days before the
booked event date, a refund for payments made minus the deposit amount is refundable. For cancellations made within 21
days of the booked event date no refund will be made.
4.2 In the unlikely event of Ring A Bell needing to cancel a client’s booking, any liability is restricted to a full refund of
payments made by the client


5.1 The videographer and photographer’s contractual liability is subject to alteration or cancellation if the production is subject to any cause
or failure beyond the videographer or photographer’s control.
5.2 In the unlikely event of cancellation of services by the videographer and photographer, any liability will be restricted to
a full refund of all payments made. The videographer and photographer will not be liable for any consequential loss however caused.


6.1 Ring A Bell shall contact the client at an appropriate time prior to the event in order to book a time slot for a consultation. Consultations typically last between
15 minutes to an hour. The purpose of the consultation is to communicate with the client in order to establish all the required information to effectively provide our services.
For this we ask that our client(s) have an understanding of the day’s events and if possible a full itinerary for the event.
6.2 When possible, it is preferable for the consultation to be done in person. We can provide a home visit for consultations within an 8 mile radius of our B90 postcode only.
Another option is a consultation meeting at a local venue in the B90 postcode area. When a personal consultation is not possible,
other options are available these include consultation via Skype, Facetime or if necessary by telephone call.
Ring A Bell will communicate with the client to arrange this.


7.1 It is the client’s responsibility to obtain any permissions, licences and pay for any fees to all venues, locations or
entertainers/musicians performing where filming and photography takes place.
7.2 We will abide by and respect rules and regulations of officials at ceremonies. On occasion this may limit where we are
able to locate filming and photography equipment and may also restrict our movement around certain parts of the ceremony,
meaning we may not be able to capture scenes to their full effect.
7.3 We will assume all persons attending the venues where filming and photography takes place have consented to being filmed unless we
are advised otherwise.
7.4 Ring A Bell cannot be held responsible for camera / equipment failure, adverse lighting, or sound issues caused by
circumstances beyond our control.
7.5 In the unlikely event of lateness or non-arrival at the booked location, a Ring A Bell representative shall contact the client as soon as possible to notify
them of said delay or cancellation. We cannot however be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control such as
illness or incapacity, accident, traffic delays and severe adverse weather conditions.
7.6 Regarding damage to our equipment caused by clients or their guests, we reserve the right to hold responsible the
client for such damage and may seek financial recompense in such circumstances. We ask that parents of children
attending the booked venue seek to ensure their children do not cause damage to our equipment.
7.7 At Ring A Bell we strive to produce the best possible results in videography and photography productions but as with
any live event we cannot guarantee to capture every aspect of the day. We must always retain artistic licence in all our presentations.
7.8 We aim to be as discreet as possible during the day and work alongside the official photographer or videographer. We follow the events
of the day as they happen and therefore, are not in control of the setting. This may lead to some images being in high
shadow/contrast or partial/temporary obstruction of subjects being filmed or issues of low/mumbled/no sound. We may be
unable to take footage if the official photographer or videographer is not willing to allow filming when they are working.
7.9 We do not usually film or photograph during the wedding breakfast/dinner/buffet and whilst we will not join the reception guests we would ask that
refreshments are provided for the videographer/s and photographer/s during this time. In this way we can remain on site.
7.10 For bridal preperations, we reserve the right to only start filming between two hours prior to the ceremony starting time.
7.11 Whilst we aim to film as much as possible during the day, we cannot guarantee a minimum amount of footage and photos that will
be taken on the day or a minimum length for a couple’s film or photos, this is due to the ‘live-event’ nature of the day and the unique
structure of each individual wedding.


8.1 We will work with Health and Safety issues in mind and reserve the right not to film or photograph in dangerous or unsafe situations.


9.1 If there is any particular music you would like to be included in your film, please let us know before your wedding day.
We will advise you if there are any particular issues with your choice. If no specific music is requested we will choose
appropriate music.
9.2 We always aim to supply our clients with completed presentation of their chosen purchase within the time-frame
displayed on our website. However, this is only a guide as supplying our clients with a quality presentation takes priority
over all timescales quoted. In the event of system failure or heavy bookings we can extend the electronic copy delivery date by up to 12 extra weeks.
9.3 All editing decisions are to the videographer and photographer’s discretion. We advise clients to watch examples of our work displayed
on our website.


10.1 Ring A Bell retain copyright of all material recorded and photographed by them. We reserve the right to display images and parts of your video on our
website and other media formats.


11.1 The payee and / or client will not own either the raw or edited footage. All said footage captured belongs to Ring a Bell Media and is the intellectual property of the videographer who recorded and / or edited the footage.


12.1 In the unlikely event of complete equipment failure or other circumstances outside our control which means we are
unable to film or photograph your wedding, you will receive a full refund. We will not be liable for any further damages.


13.1 All raw footage and images will be deleted permanently 8 weeks after the date of submission of electronic copy. Therefore no amendments can be made after this date. If you wish to acquire the raw footage, please contact owner directly to arrange a purchase.